Integration with other languages


C and friends

D that has full support for C ABI (application binary interface) had recently been significantly improved from C++ ABI [2] (however it’s worth noting that there is no support for exceptions). Jacob Carlborg did a great job of integrating with Objective-C, which is still waiting to be no less grandiose Review by Walter Bright.

Scripting languages

You are already somehow familiar with the integration of scripting languages on the example of the use of the library matplotlib (python). Since most of them have a C API [1], their integration with D can be performed without problems.

There is a realization of the ECMA 262 (Javascript) programming language written by Walter Bright and updated by Dmitry Olshansky.

It is also worth mentioning a popular computer games scripting language Lua. Unlike many other libraries built on the Lua C API, LuaD does not expose the Lua stack - instead, it has wrappers for references to Lua objects, and supports seamlessly and directly converting any D type into a Lua type and vice versa

[1]Application Programming Interface
[2]Application Binary Interface